Driving renewable energy technologies and sustainability

After decades of grid dependence and unstable power supply, now is the time to diversify your source of electricity to ensure guaranteed power supply.

Save Big, Go green

With the poor state of electricity supply from the grid, coupled with the stress and cost of running diesel/petrol generators, now is the best time to install a solar power system. We will create a tailored solution that suits your energy needs.

Our Solutions

Take control of your electricity and subscribe to one of our solar solutions that suites your energy requirements. We make it easy and straightforward to go solar.


We provide customised Solar PV solutions by designing systems that meet our client’s energy demands. Our residential solar PV systems are built for optimal performance and to provide reliable clean energy over the life span of the system.

Commercial & Industrial

The current grid supply is subjecting businesses to uncontrolled expenses due to unpredictable power outages which diminish profit for business owners. Integrating solar power to your business not only guarantees reliable and affordable electricity supply but can also help achieve up to 40% cost savings on energy bills. Commercial companies, schools, farms, government offices and other businesses can achieve significant cost savings from our solar PV solutions.

Adding Value to Real Estate

We proffer revenue generating solutions to help real estate managers and developers turn energy liabilities or under-utilised areas into profitable assets.

Benefits of our solution

  • Cost savings on diesel expenses
  • Guaranteed and reliable power supply
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Increased Occupancy rates

We take care of everything

We provide financing, permitting and installation all under one roof. And our exclusive 24/7 monitoring system ensures that everything is working as promised.

  • Site Audit

  • Engineering

  • Permitting

  • Installation

  • Final Inspection

  • Interconnection

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

Request a solar quote

Get a detailed quote for a residential or commercial solar installation by filling our quotation form and providing your solar requirements.

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